Oct. 4th, 2016

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You love one of my favorite rare fandoms enough to offer to write in it, so you already have my eternal gratitude! ♥

You should know up front that I'm ridiculously easy to please, whatever you decide to write. As you might have seen in my sign-up, I'm a big believer in optional details being optional. I keep my sign-up pretty bare because I don't want you to feel limited by whatever prompts I happened to come up with off the cuff. And they would definitely be off the cuff as I don't I really have prompts for the requests I made; at least, not in the sense of specific stories that I'm dying to read. So if you already have a story idea about these characters in these fandoms - write that. Seriously. I will read it and like it.

I do have suggestions if you're having trouble getting started. If you're wondering what kinds of fic I like, because you have no idea what you're going to write for me - I leave you this letter, and hope that it helps! If you need more from me (ie: clarification or detail), I'm never far from an internet connection, so feel free to have the mods hit me up!

My Likes: I like stories about people being in love, whether or not the story has the fairy tale happy ending. I like people having adventures, great and small, whether they're fighting crime or going to the grocery store. I like funny, I like angsty, I like sexy, I like friendships. To that end, I am fine with either porn or gen fic, pick your poison!

My Dislikes: Try to avoid non-canon character death, animal cruelty, long suffering from disease, and sexual abuse. I like these characters and I like these canons and I'd rather not have to cry over them come Christmas morning.

I'm a character first kind of person - plots don't hold the same importance to me. So while I don't have extremely detailed scenarios spelled out for you here, I did manage to write down some things that I like about each canon that I would enjoy seeing more of. Hopefully you can find a story to tell in that.

So here are my requests! (in random order):

Killjoys )

Sweet Valley High )

Captive Prince - C.S. Pacat )

X-Factor (comics) )

The Mummy Series )

Society of Gentlemen - K.J. Charles )

And, in case I wasn't clear, any rating is welcome, from gen up to and including explicit porn. I'm really easy.

So basically, dear author, don't worry and write whatever makes you happy. Trust me, if you're happy, I'll be happy. Have fun and thanks for writing this fic!

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